SAT Class @ HSCF 21st year of Service 

PSAT, SAT, ACT and Jr Math Classes from 5th grade

SAT Teaching Team Members

Mr.Vijay Nayyar.
Phone: 407-399-4543

Shan Sankar (Founder)

SAT Administration Committee:
Ashish Smart
Renu Vardhan
Vinod Sharma
Beena Patel

Registration in charge:
Ritu Bhatia
Sandhya Ramaswamy
Geeta Suresh
Abha Bhandair

Math Class:
Mr. Ashok Vyas/ Sujith Bhatia
Mrs. Pregna Vyas
Sanjiv Gandhi
Vipin Goyal
Chirak Patel

SAT English:
Mr.Calvin Dillon

Dr. Gokul Kumar

Back up Teachers:
Mrs Upasana Santra
Renu Vardhan 
Sanjiv Chocksi

Sandhya Ramaswamy

Elementary English
Mrs. Asha Charan

Want to Volunteer as Teacher ?

Please email  us
  • or contact Mr. Vijay Nayyar
  • Your name, contact info, what subject and topic you can teach for our kids.
  • You can also volunteer to help teach kids as one on one in areas you are interested in.
  • The kids will get community hours for their time.
  • I need more parents to actively participate, share informations and help our kids succeed.