Welcome to SAT Orlando

Welcome to SAT Orlando

Please see the books on the last page.

Student Achievements

Snigdha Agasthyaraju | 11th Grade

Snigdha Agasthyaraju's Parents: Pradyumna Kumar Agasthyaraju and Sri Mrunalini Agasthyaraju

-This is the first time in the history of SAT/ACT classes that we have Snigdha Agasthyaraju (11th grade), who appeared for both the SAT and ACT exam, earned a 1600 out of 1600 in SAT and 36 composite out of 36 in ACT. This is a rare achievement in the USA.

Pranav Reddy Eada | 11th Grade

Pranav Reddy Eada's Parents: Sambi Reddy Eada and Vinotha Chinnaduri

-Pranav Reddy Eada (11th grade) received a 1600 out of 1600 on the SAT.


Sujith’s Math: 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM

Dr. Gokul ACT English: 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM

Mr. Dillon's First Session: 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

Mr. Dillon's Second Session: 12:30 PM to 2:30 PM

Chirak Patelji’s Math: 10:30 AM to 11:30 AM

SAT-ACT Registration Form for Jan-Dec 2023

Upcoming Classes From Jan To Dec 2023

Please note that all classes are online. Any change will be notified.

  1. January 8th Sujithji  Math and Dr. Gokul Kumar English.
  2. January 15th Sujithji Math and  Dillon English
  3. January 22nd Math Sujithji and Chirakji
  4. January 29th Math  Sujithji and Chirakji
  5. February 5th Sujithji and Dr Gokul Kumar
  6. February 12th Sujithji Math only No Chirak ji class
  7. February 19th Sujithji Math and Dillon English
  8. February 26th  Sujithji Math and Dr Gokul English class
  9. March 5th Sujithji Math and Chirak ji class
  10. March 12th Sujithji Math and  Dillon English


  1. March 19th Sujithji and Chirakji Math
  2. March 26th  Sujithji and Chirak ji math classes
  3. April 2nd Sujithji Math and Dillon English class
  4. April 9th Sujithji Math Only
  5. April 16th Math Sujithji and Chirakji
  6. April 23rd Math Sujithji and Dr Gokul English ACT
    April 30th NO class spend quality time with your friends and family
  7. May 7th Sujithji and Chirakji Math class
  8. May 14th Dr. Gokul English ACT (Mother’s Day)
  9. May 21st Sujithji Math and Dillon  English


  1. May 28th NO CLASS
  2. June 4th Dr. Gokul English ACT Class
  3. June 11th Dillon English class
  4. June 18th, and June 25th NO CLASS
  5. July 2nd No Class
  6. July 9th Dillon English class
  7. July 16th,  July 23rd & July 30 NO CLASS
  8. August 6th Chirak ji Math  and Dillon English Class
  9. August 13th Sujithji and Chirakji Math
  10. August 20th Sujithji Math and Dr. Gokul English Class
  11. August 27th Sujithji and Sujith ji Math class
  12. Sept 3rd Sujithji math and Dillon English
  13. Sept 10th Sujithji Math and Dr. Gokul  English
  14. Sept 17th Sujithji and Chirakji Math
  15. Sept 24th  Sujithji and Chirakji Math
  16. Oct 1st Sujithji Math and Dillon English  Class
  17. Oct 8th Sujithji Math And  Dr. Gokul Kumar English class
  18. Oct 15th  HAPPY Navratilova No Class
  19. Oct 22nd HAPPY Navratri No Class
  20. Oct 29th Sujithji and Chirakji Math
  21. Nov 5th Sujithji Math and. Dillon English class


  1. Nov 12 Happy Diwali No Class
  2. Nov 19th Sujithji Math Class and Dr. Gokul English Class

(Sunday, Nov 26th Happy Thanksgiving Day No Class

  1. Dec 3rd Sujithji Math and Dr. Gokul English class
  2. Dec 10th Sujithji Math and DILLON English Class  


Sujithji’s SAT Math Class
(7:30 AM to 9:00 AM )

Important Announcements:

Next class September 24th (7:30 AM - 9:00 AM)

Homework Test 14th Section 3

SAT Calculator Policy

  • There were 52 students who appeared for the quiz. The question paper is posted below.

Following students got a perfect score: Nethra Sankarasubbu; Saaketh Kesireddy; Akhilesh Kudaravalli; Saisiri Sirigiri; Anshika Pinnamraju; Siddharth Kanchiraju; Rohin Rasquinha.

Students that attempted the quiz: Nethra Sankarasubbu-10; Niyathi Padman-10; Sai Varun Dasari-10; Poojitha Kanumuri-??; Ashrith Gentela-??; Krithi Amuda-8; Anvesha Srivastava -9; Trisha Gokhale-??; Mehak Singh-??; Linette Santhosh-11; Linda Santhosh-11; Mihir Ivaturi-??; Aarit Dixit-8; Shreya Reddy-10; Parth Goyal-??; Ishitha Guggilam-8; Hansini Nunna-9; Dalu - ??; Poojha Praveen Kumar-9; Sahana Siddavatam-10; Parnika Surapaneni-8; Yatin Mutyalapati - 11; Urshitaa Goel-10; Gautam Rethish-??; Sanjith Gopinath-10; Namit Sharma-9; Soriah Maharaj-??; Tejeshwar Umamaheswar-11; Saaketh Kesireddy-11; Akhilesh Kudaravalli-11; Saisiri Sirigiri-7; Samhitha Gurijala-8; Aarshna Roushan-??; Tanmayee Buchi-11; Sathwik Dasari-8; Crupa Siju-11; Anshika Pinnamraju-9; Harshitha Chukkareddygari-10; Shriyans Sahu-8; Krish Kapoor-11; Kaavya Bhave-??; Siddharth Kanchiraju-11; Geetika Kesavan-10; Neha Manjunatha - 10; Nandana Nair-11; Ronit Thakker-??; Rohin Rasquinha-??; Moukthika Meda-??; Arnav Vasishta-9; Lasya Namilae-11; Akshita Pinnamraju-11; Saumya Khelani-11.

Meeting ID: 849 0609 4951
Password: 5768470440


Email to contact Sujith ji sujith.bhatia@gmail.com

Chirak Patel Ji Math Class
(10:30 am to 11:30 am)

Important Announcements:

Next class is September 24th(10:30 am -11:30 am)

Calculators are not allowed; please do not use them at home also.

Meeting ID: 889 8785 6255
Password: 037648


Email to contact Mr. Chirak Patel: patelcap@gmail.com

Dr. Gokul Kumar's ACT English Class
(10:30 AM to 11:30 AM)

Important Announcements:

Next class is October 8th (10:30 AM - 11:30 AM)

Homework: Test 4 (ACT book)

Meeting ID: 812 5031 5051
Password: 5588990550

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/812503150 51?pwd=TU9jZVM4bwOVA4UEIrYTY0QT09

Email Dr. Gokul Kumar: gokul.n.kumar@gmail.com

Mr. Dillon's SAT English Class

Important Announcements:

Next class is October 1st

Homework: Section 1- Reading, Section 2- Writing

First Session (10:00 AM - 12:00 PM):

Meeting ID: 869 4047 3879
Password: 849447


Second Session (12:30 PM - 2:30 PM):

Meeting ID: 860 8340 3136
Password: 434788


Email to contact Mr. Dillon: calvindillon@gmail.com

SAT book for 2023

Book for Mr. Dillon's English class for 2023

  • No need to purchase a book for this class. Monthly homework will be posted on the website.

Book for Sujith ji & Dr. Gokul Kumar Math class book for 2023

Every child from 7th to 11th grade who is in Sujith's, and Dr. Gokul Kumar's Class are required to buy the new tw0 books, which are posted on the website under book one for SAT, and one for Act is a must for every child.

No book for Chrak Patel ji class for 5th 6th grader


Please note all the access codes to participate in online classes. You are not allowed to share them with anybody in the world.

All the children must be ready at least 5 minutes before the beginning of the session. Your teachers have to accept you to join online classes; there is no door to be left open. For example, if you want to join at 7.45 am Sujith ji class, chances are you may be denied to join, Sujith ji will be busy teaching, and he can not attend to the latecomers.

Vijay Nayyar| Email: nayyarvj@gmail.com | WhatsApp: 407-399-4543