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We are pleased to inform you that the preliminary selections of the 2024 U.S. Presidential Scholars have been made, and Pranav Reddy Eada has been named a semifinalist.


Seminole High Senior Selected as US Presidential Scholar SemifinalistPosted on 04/29/2024

For Immediate Release: April 29, 2024

Photo of Pranav, semifinalst of U.S. Presidential Scholars Program

SANFORD, FL: Seminole County Public Schools is pleased to share that Pranav R. Eada, a graduating senior at Seminole High School has been named one of 625 semifinalists in the 2024 U.S. Presidential Scholars Program. The semifinalists were selected from over 6,000 candidates expected to graduate from US high schools in the year 2024. 

lnclusion in the U.S. Presidential Scholars Program, now in its 60th year, is one of the highest honors bestowed upon graduating high school seniors. Scholars are selected based on their accomplishments in many areas including academic and artistic success, accomplishment in career and technical fields, leadership, strong character, and involvement in school and the community.

The U.S. Presidential Scholars Program was established in 1964 by Executive Order of the President to recognize some of our nation's most distinguished graduating seniors.  The program was expanded in 1979 to recognize students demonstrating exceptional scholarship and talent in the visual, creative, and performing arts. In 2015, the program was expanded once again to recognize students who demonstrate ability and accomplishment in career and technical fields. Annually, up to 161 US Presidential scholars are chosen from among that year’s senior class, representing excellence in education and the promise of greatness in American youth. Each year scholars are presented with a Presidential Scholar Medallion.

A distinguished panel of educators has reviewed the submissions and elected 625 semifinalists. The Commission on Presidential Scholars, a group of up to 32 eminent citizens appointed by the President, will select the finalists, and the US Department of Education will announce the scholars in May. 

The Presidential Scholar Class of 2024 will be recognized for their outstanding achievement in late June with an online National Recognition Program.

To request an interview with the student, family, or school counselor, please contact Katherine Crnkovich.

Media Contact
Katherine Crnkovich, APR, CPRC
Communications Officer


We have three children who have achieved perfect scores in the ACT and/or SAT exams.

Anouska Seal | 12th Grade

Anouska Seal's Parents: Sudipta Seal and Shanta Seal

-Anouska received 36/36 in the ACT Exam. Congratulations!

Snigdha Agasthyaraju | 11th Grade

Snigdha Agasthyaraju's Parents: Pradyumna Kumar Agasthyaraju and Sri Mrunalini Agasthyaraju

-This is the first time in the history of SAT/ACT classes that we have Snigdha Agasthyaraju (11th grade), who appeared for both the SAT and ACT exam, earned a 1600 out of 1600 in SAT and 36 composite out of 36 in ACT. This is a rare achievement in the USA.


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Mr. Dillon Second Session 12:30pm to 2:30pm 7th to 12th grades

Chirak Patelji’s Math 5th/6th/7th Grades 10:30am to 11:30am

  1. January 7th Sujithji Math and Chirakji Math class
  2. January 14th Sujithji Math and Chirakji Math class
  3. January 21st Math Sujithji and Dillon English class
  4. January 28th 7:30 to 9:00 Chrakji Math Class and 10:30am to 11:30am Chirakji Math Class
  5. February 4th Sujithji Math and Dillon English class
  6. February 11th Sujithji and Chirakji Math class
  7. February 18th Sujithji and Chirakji.Math class
  8. February 25th Sujithji Math and Chrakji Math class
  9. March 3rd Sujithji Math and Chirakji Math class
  10. March 10th Sujithji Math and Chirakji Math Class
    (March 10th Daylight Savings start)


  1. March 17th Sujith ji is taking off only Dillon English class
  2. March 24th Sujithji and Chirakji Math class
  3. March 31st Sujithji and Chirakji Math Class
  4. April 7th Sujithji Math and Chirakji Math class
  5. April 14th Sujithji Math and Dillon English class
  6. April 21st Math Sujithji and Chirakji Math Class
  7. April 28th Math Sujithji and Chirakji Math class
  8. May 5th Sujithji and Chirakji Math class
  9. May 12th Sujithji Math Dillon English Class
  10. May 19th Sujithji Math and Chirakji Math Class


  1. May 26th NO CLASS
  2. June 2nd . No Class
  3. June 9th Dillon English class
  4. June 16th, June 23rd and June 30th NO CLASS
  5. July 7th Dillon English Class
  6. July 14th No class
  7. July 21st, and July 28th NO CLASS


  1. August 4th N0 Class
  2. August 11th Sujithji and Chirakji Math class
  3. August 18th Sujithji Math and Dillon English
  4. August 25th Sujithji and Chirakji Math class
  5. Sept 1st Sujithji Math and Dillon English
  6. Sept 8th Sujithji Math and Chirakji Math class
  7. Sept 15th Sujithji and Chirakji Math class
  8. Sept 22nd Sujithji and Chirakji Math class
  9. Sept 29th Sujithji and Chirakji Math class
  10. Oct 6th HAPPY NAVRATRI No Class
  11. Oct 13th NAVRATRI No Class
  12. Oct 20th Sujithji and Dillon English class
  13. Oct 27th Sujithji and Chirakji Math class
  14. Nov 3rd Happy Deepavali no class

Daylight Saving Time ends

  1. Nov 10th Sujithji Math and Dillon English Class
  2. Nov 17th Sujithji Math Class and Chirakji Math Class
  3. Nov 24th Sujithji and Chirakji Math class
  4. Dec 1st Sujithji Math and Chirakji Math class
  5. Dec 8th Sujithji Math and DILLON English Class


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Sujithji’s SAT Math Class
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Next class is August 11th


Practice Math several times a day

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Meeting ID: 849 0609 4951
Password: 5768470440


Email to contact Sujith ji sujith.bhatia@gmail.com

Chirak Patel Ji Math Class
(10:30 am to 11:30 am)

Important Announcements:

Next class is August 11th

Home work

Go with parents to buy grocery and start totaling in your

mind at the end on counter ck if their is any mistake in your

total or the person who is collecting money from you

No book needed

Calculators are not allowed ; please do not use them at home also.

Meeting ID: 889 8785 6255
Password: 037648


Email to contact Mr. Chirak Patel: patelcap@gmail.com

Mr. Dillon's SAT English Class

Important Announcements:

Next class July 7th

Homework for both sessions:

Test 4 Module 1, pages 550-558 in English section

First Session (10:00 AM - 12:00 PM):

Meeting ID: 869 4047 3879
Password: 849447


Second Session (12:30 PM - 2:30 PM):

Meeting ID: 860 8340 3136
Password: 434788


Email to contact Mr. Dillon: calvindillon@gmail.com

SAT Book for 2024

Book for Sujith ji Math & Mr. Dillon English classes

No book is required for Chirak Patel ji class (5th and 6th graders)


Please note all the access codes to participate in online classes are under the respective teachers name You are not allowed to share them with anybody in the world.

All the children must be ready at least 5 minutes before the beginning of the session. Your teachers have to accept you to join online classes; there is no door to be left open. For example, if you want to join at 7.45 am Sujith ji class, chances are you may be denied to join, Sujith ji will be busy teaching, and he can not attend to the late comers.

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